Partnership Disputes

Partnership disputes — i.e., disputes among members of a partnership or shareholders of a close corporation — are often complex and intense.  They typically involve a mix of contractual rights and obligations, fiduciary duties, and claims of inequitable treatment.  Such disputes often culminate in “freeze outs” and, in turn, litigation.  When partnership disputes arise, we help individuals and entities understand their rights, obligations, and risks.  If necessary, we seek to vindicate our clients’ rights through litigation.

In the context of limited partnerships, we help investor limited partners in disputes concerning their right to assign their partnership interests to others.  Such disputes typically involve assertions by the partnership that general partner consent is a condition of any such assignment and may be withheld on a discretionary basis.  We have helped clients successfully resolve such disputes through litigation and otherwise.

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance with any matter involving disputes within partnerships or close corporations.  We would be happy to help.